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Swiss Easy Life Loans

The management of Swiss Credit Limited wishes to introduce to you a scheme targeted at private individuals who want to rent decent apartments or buy household appliances of their choice but do not have the bulk sum to pay. We offer these individuals the leisure of living their dream while they spread the payment over a period of time. The repayment period is usually between six months and one year.



Swiss Credit provides an online platform where Vendors can showcase different items ranging from household appliances, electronics, furniture, mobile phones, laptops, accommodation for rent (housing), cars, etc.

  1. Vendors/Property companies are expected to drive traffic to the platform, where interested applicants select products/apartment of their choice
  2. Applicant Links with Vendor
  3. The applicant is then credited by Swiss Credit in order to purchase the product or pay for the apartment, once all checks have been done on the applicant and vendor.
  4. The vendor is expected to tick a box in his linked profile once he/she has been paid by the applicant.
  5. The applicant is to repay Swiss Credit in installments



  • Loan duration not to exceed 6 months and 1 year.
  • Monthly Interest rate at prevailing Swiss Credit standard rate (5% flat monthly)



  • 1 Recent Passport Photograph
  • Means of Identification (Driver's License, International Passport or National Identity card)
  • Confirmation letter
  • NUBAN post-dated cheques for the loan tenure.
  • Last 6 months bank statement endorsed by the bank
  • Staff ID
  • Recent Utility bill
  • One guarantor
  • 20% equity contribution from applicants

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